Non-profit status!

Seattle, U.S.A. - October 18, 2005

After a few painful trip delays and many weeks of working on articles, bylaws and addendums we can now officially announce that we are officially a 503(c)(3) non-profit organization! Those of you looking to partner with us as we travel can find more information on your tax-deductible donations in the FAQ section of the About page.

We would have been here until February if it weren't for the generous legal counsel of Tomas. MANY thanks.

In other news...stay tuned for a finalized routing plan with trip dates. We are finally very close to finishing up the meat of the routing and will try to post details in the next few days.


Rea said...Awesome!! Congratulations guys!! I'm so glad that ya'll got that all worked out finally. Can't wait to hear more details. Oh and btw, Lee, I bought one of your CDs the other day off of, couldn't wait for it to show up on iTunes! :o) ~Rea

PCJ said...Lee, you know its against the law for a MBA to start a non-profit company. Just kidding, of course. Congrats! :-) PCJ


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