A Not-So-Pleasant Commute

Guatemala - March 03, 2006

chickenbus1.jpgToday we took a supposed "luxury" bus from Cichang to Flores, Guatemala. Oddly enough, luxury would be the last word to describe our commuting experience. The way the bus system works here is that the owners of the bus are only allowed to keep the profit from people sitting in the seats, but usually allow their drivers to profit on anyone else on the bus. As a result, people are jammed in the bus like sardines, since the driver is allowed to profit from as many people as he/she can fit on the bus. Therefore, it is nearly impossible to sit on any bus that is going a fair distance. On our bus today, we stood for nearly 3 hours, going through extremely sharp turns and very frequent slams of the break pedal. To make things worse, Patrick was very sick (most likely from something he just ate) and was forced to stand the entire time.

We decided that because of Patrick's current illness we should get off early in Flores to have a chance to get a little rest. Because of our current vicinity to Tikal, one of the largest and most well-known Mayan ruins in history, we have decided to visit the ruins as a fun excursion. Health permitting, our goal is to be there tomorrow before heading over to Belize.



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