Exciting India Project Opportunity

Thailand - August 13, 2006

Images courtesy of Peace Gospel.
We are very excited about a project opportunity that will have tremendous impact in central east India with Peace Gospel Ministries International.

One of the primary sources of revenue for Peace Gospel's ministries is a dairy farm they own, near the banks of the Krishna River. The money netted from the farm goes towards India programs, such as their orphanage, slum ministry and clean water ministry. However, due to recent heavy rains, the Krishna riverbanks flooded and their barn was damaged, thus causing the ministry to lose some of the dry grass stockpile for their buffalo feed.

peacegospel2.jpgOur goal is to raise $2,500 for the Peace Gospel ministry by our arrival in late October. We will be raising the money and then presenting it to the ministry upon our arrival. Of that money, $2,000 will go directly towards the repair and rebuilding of the farm and will make up for some of the lost feed. We would also like to invest $500 towards the purchase of a healthy female buffalo for their farm. A female buffalo can produce 2.5 gallons of milk daily. For every gallon of milk they sell in the market the ministry nets about $1.35 for their India programs (That comes to about $100 per month from each water buffalo). As well as being a funding multiplier, the buffalo will also help provide a nutritious dietary staple for the children at their orphanage.

We ask that you prayerfully consider a tax-deductible donation to this project. The status of the money raised will be updated on the projects page. We will also continue to keep you all posted on the progress.

Click below to donate to the Peace Gospel project. Or, you may mail a check to, The Global Awakening, 109 N. Pine St., Ellensburg, WA, 98926.


JBS said...Hey keep safe you guys! You are in my prayers.

JBS said...If you donate to the Peace Gospel's ministries, does it go directly to them or is it taken to them by The Traveling Guys? Can you please clarify?

Lee said...Thanks for the great question JBS. Our aim is to raise this money beforehand in order to directly present it to the ministry when we (The Traveling Guys) arrive. Our hope, through this fundraising and this project, is that many will see a direct result (through the future stories and photos) of the impact a small amount of money can bring to a community.

JBS said...Blessings! Jason & Jennifer

dap said...I was just enjoying the photos in your gallery--the pictures from the Great Barrier Reef dive in Australia in particular. They show amazing color and clarity for being underwater! Keep up the good work with the photos--it really helps us follow your journey around the world. Bless you guys!

Michael TenBrink said...Hey Lee! Got your Vietnam postcard today. Thank you! It was a nice surprise. I'm just curious how much money you've raised thus far for the India project? Peace be with you and Patrick, mt

Prashanth said...Hi, just stumbled upon this site. Being another traveller, is there anything I can do when you guys visit India?? I stay in Bangalore, South of India. Any plans of Travelling guys coming down south ??

Meghna said...when u talk abt other countries, you upload very beautiful pictures. I am from India and cant believe u could only shoe poverty and not the other side of the coin !


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